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UK-Wide Security Systems & Access Control Experts – Secure Your Space with Haskell Fire

Are you struggling with the right answer for your security systems and access requirements? Without a good system, you are exposing your home or business to unauthorised visitors – physically or digitally.

At Haskell Fire, we are your UK-wide security and access specialists. Our highly skilled professionals strive to provide our customers with the best products and services nationwide. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Safeguard your home and business with Haskell Fire!

Access Control/Door Entry

We offer a variety of secure door entry systems that are simple to install and operate with convenience features such as keypads, card readers, fingerprint scanners and more. Our solutions include both standalone systems as well as integrated systems that work with existing security systems networks.

Audio Visual (AV) Systems

With our Audio Visual (AV) integration services, you can create stunning presentations for large venues or movie theatres in your office building or complex. We supply high-quality electronics from renowned brands, so you get maximum performance from these sophisticated AV machines every time they’re used.

Automatic Gates

Automate curfew timings at workplace premises by installing automatic gates at outdoor entrances, which open only when authorised personnel enter valid code credentials or have their identification cards scanned accurately via specialised machines! Get complete peace of mind while saving time manually executing this task thanks to our efficient automation technology solutions!

CCTV Installation

Keep eyes on any suspicious activity around an area by installing CCTV installations – watch over properties both indoors & outdoors with these reliable devices, which capture footage at all times! You will be able to monitor activity remotely from anywhere in the world & can even set up alerts if there’s movement detected within restricted areas!

Integrated Reception System

Our Integrated Reception System is designed to control who can enter premises and alert key personnel whenever an unauthorised person attempts entry. Our customisable systems allow for complete flexibility so that each building’s access control needs can be perfectly catered for. With our team of experienced technicians on hand throughout the design, installation and maintenance process, your business will always have the highest level of protection.

Intruder Alert System

Our Intruder Alert System allows businesses to detect any potential intruders from accessing their property – no matter how big or small it may be! We offer comprehensive monitoring services with automatic notifications sent directly to key personnel when an unauthorised person is detected within a distance of 0-100m from the premises. Our additional sensors also enable us to track any movements made by suspects through hallways or rooms within buildings too!

At Haskell Fire, we are proud to be the UK’s leading security systems and access services provider. We aim to provide exemplary customer service and technical expertise to ensure that businesses can safeguard their premises against burglary attempts or theft.

Here at Haskell Fire, no task is too small – contact us today for your free initial consultation; don’t leave yourself vulnerable to potential threats!

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