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Fire Alarms

Property owners need a reliable system for early detection when it comes to the risk of potential fire danger and smoke. Without a compliant fire alarm system, occupants may not be alerted in time to safely escape from the premises or take necessary measures to reduce property damage.

Haskell Fire Alarms provide audible alarms for early fire detection and are easy to install and maintain. Haskell Fire is the UK’s leader in fire alarm systems and services. We offer a broad range of services, from installation to maintenance and monitoring, so you can be sure your business or home is protected.

Design & Installation

Ensuring your family’s and staff’s safety is paramount, but the idea of dealing with outdated fire alarm systems, tricky installations, and electrical code problems can be daunting. Let Haskell Fire put your mind at rest. We’ll ensure your business or home is equipped with the best possible system for its specific needs by providing experienced installation service from start to finish. We guarantee quality workmanship that meets local electrical codes and other necessary regulations for optimal protection against fires.

Maintaining Your Fire Alarm Systems

Your fire alarm system is your last line of defence against preventable accidents and damage caused by fires. Without regular maintenance to keep it in top condition, you risk having a malfunctioning system that could put lives at stake. Haskell Fire Alarms offers professional fire alarm systems maintenance services that comply with BS5839 regulations. Our experienced team of engineers will ensure your system is kept operational and up-to-date, so you can rest assured that your premises are safe from the threat of fire.

Fire Alarm Weekly Testing

Our weekly testing service assures that your fire alarm systems are working correctly every step of the way. Our technicians will inspect for any potential issues before they become larger to reduce potential risks associated with false alarms or malfunctioning devices.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Once installed, our monitoring solutions allow you to rest easy knowing that someone has their eyes on all areas where fire dangers may occur within your premises at all times. All equipment used by us complies with EN54 standards. We guarantee proper functionality when needed most, so you don’t have to worry about false alarms going off unexpectedly or something not working.

Fixed price contracts – no automatically renewing contracts

Minimum two visits per year from our experienced service engineers (in accordance with BS 5839)

Detailed inspection reports for each site by email following a visit

An emergency support line is available 24/7/365

Advice on maintenance and performance improvements from a professional

Our speciality includes conventional, addressable, networked, and wireless/radio-enabled fire alarm systems

Our installations also meet British Standard (BS) BS5839-1/6 for non-domestic and domestic buildings, giving customers peace of mind that their system meets UK safety standards

We only install Open Protocol Systems, which are more flexible than proprietary platforms and don’t tie customers to one manufacturer for maintenance or upgrades

Be confident, knowing you have dependable coverage from beginning to end! Serving Kent, London and beyond.

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