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Fire Risk Assessments – Stay Compliant, Keep Safe

Business owners must keep up to date with their fire safety assessment duties to stay compliant while protecting the safety of their staff and visitors. However, a lack of time or expertise can put organisations in danger and result in hefty financial penalties.

Haskell Fire provides comprehensive fire risk assessments across the UK that go beyond the Fire Safety Act 2021 standards to ease these worries and stop this from happening. Our experienced professionals will thoroughly assess external walls, entry points, relevant systems, and other elements to ensure your premises conform with the necessary regulations. By entrusting these duties to us, you can be sure that your establishment is adequately prepared against potential fire hazards.

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What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is an organised and detailed assessment of your premises to determine potential fire hazards and any existing risks posed by these hazards. It involves identifying who may be at risk from a possible fire incident on-site, eliminating or managing those risks, and putting together appropriate plans for action in the event of a fire.

Why is Fire Risk Assessment Important?

Regardless of whether it’s a home or business premises, all buildings carry some risk from fires, so proper fire regulations must be adhered to according to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Our fire risk assessments help identify potential threats so appropriate steps can be taken toward mitigating them quickly and effectively before any major damage occurs. As well as this, assessing the risks allows us to anticipate what procedures must be carried out if an emergency does occur – saving precious minutes, which could mean saving lives!

Why Choose Us?

  • Our priority is ensuring optimum safety levels with comprehensive assessments that identify potential risk areas and suggest appropriate preventative measures tailored to your unique situation.
  • You’ll receive free fixed-price quotations with no need for site visits or waiting around all day for an appointment.
  • We provide initial assessments and aftercare support from a knowledgeable office-based team who will walk you through any report findings and assist you with meeting legislative requirements if necessary.
  • We specialise in providing Fire Risk Assessments for domestic use, which are essential for identifying potential risks and developing prevention plans.
  • Our experienced and qualified assessors take a professional yet friendly approach to ensure accurate results with minimum disruption.

Professional Risk Assessments Tailored to You!

At Haskell Fire, our dedicated professionals follow PAS79 guidelines – The Publicly Available Specification for Fire Risk Assessments – which sets standards for conducting professional and thorough assessments tailored specifically to your premise’s needs.

We aim to produce reports that balance being comprehensive and easy to understand. Hence, employees, management teams and landlords have access to clear information about how best to protect their property against potential fires and prevent injury or harm befalling any occupiers on site in such an eventuality.

So when it comes to safeguarding people, property and processes – rest assured that Haskell Fire has you covered!

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