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At Haskell Fire & Security Ltd, we are a leading fire and security systems provider based in the South East of England. Providing services for all domestic & business properties large and small all over the United Kingdom, We have over 16 years of hands-on experience in the fire and security industry.

We are a team of dedicated fire & security experts based in the United Kingdom and believe that having up-to-date fire & security systems is the key to keeping yourself and your property safe. We strive to provide the highest quality services across the UK, no matter where you’re located.

Quality and Confidence for Total Protection

At Haskell Fire & Security Ltd, we understand that peace of mind is invaluable – which is why we prioritise quality and customer satisfaction above all else. From residential homes to large commercial buildings, our products are designed to give you the best protection on the market so you can have complete confidence in your safety system.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Fire And Other Dangers

Leveraging decades of fire safety engineering and technology, our products bring advanced levels of secure protection for your business or home from potential fires and other threats. Customers trust our cutting-edge solutions across the UK due to their dependability and reliability in providing maximum effectiveness against fire hazards.

Invest in Haskell Fire & Security Ltd for a Secure Future

Investing in quality fire & security systems from us not only gives you peace of mind but also provides a smart investment for long-term benefits too – saving you time, money, and effort for years down the line when it comes to maintaining compliance with local regulations or replacing outdated systems with newer ones that can augment existing measures or offer additional levels of fire security beyond basic standards.

Unbeatable Values for Now and the Future

From initial installation to maintenance services, if required at any future point – we ensure that every product meets industry standards and specific requirements set by our customers – while offering unbeatable value both now and into the future.

So why wait? Give yourself complete peace of mind by protecting your home or business with a quality solution from Haskell Fire & security Ltd today! Our Fire alarm & extinguisher Maintenance offerings are for Kent, London and beyond.

Our Mission: Keep Everyone Safe No Matter Where They Are Located With Premier Quality Products At Competitive Rates

24/7 emergency call-out service with a response time of 4 hours or less

Installation, maintenance and electrical compliance testing

Comprehensive coverage, including fire safety systems equipment

Feel secure knowing that you are looked after in any situation

Rest easy knowing your family and business are safeguarded at all times

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At Haskell Fire & security Ltd, We Strive For Customer Satisfaction Above All Else, So If You Have Any Questions Or Want More Information About How We Can Help Protect Your Business or property, Do Not Hesitate To Get In Touch!
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