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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

As an employer or landlord, you have a legal obligation to make sure all electrical appliances in your business or rental property are safe to use.

Without PAT testing, there is no way to guarantee appliance safety. You can be fined large sums of money and even face imprisonment if you don’t abide by the law regarding electric appliance safety. 

Haskell Fire is a UK provider of comprehensive Portable Appliance Testing services. Our professional team helps employers, businesses and landlords comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 by performing regular inspections and tests on their portable appliances to ensure safety standards are met.

Let us help you fulfil your duty of care today with Haskell Fire!

What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

PAT testing checks the safety of portable appliances such as microwaves, TVs and other equipment used in businesses or rental properties. It’s conducted by trained professionals who use specialised test equipment to identify faulty wiring or malfunctioning components that could lead to hazards such as electric shocks or fires.

Documentation Provided Upon Completion

We will comprehensively inspect every appliance using state-of-the-art PAT testing methods, ensuring all items under your jurisdiction have passed safety standards before use.

  • At the end of our visit, we will provide you with full documentation containing the results of each appliance test, as well as any non-conformities identified during the inspection process.
  • In addition, reports specifying repairs needed and general advice on particular situations concerning inspected devices are included.
  • By doing this, we ensure that any hazardous concerns relating to your premises that could cause harm if left unchecked are highlighted.

Our Services Include

  • Visual examination and electrical testing procedures to help identify potential defects that could cause an injury or worse.
  • Our experienced technicians use advanced electronic test equipment to diagnose any faults present within the portable appliance accurately.
  • We understand that your workplace needs reliable tools and devices to operate effectively. We offer consultancy services on how best to comply with statutory regulations regarding electrical inspections – allowing you peace of mind knowing that your liability is being taken care of professionally.
  • Our services extend beyond just initial tests – we also offer maintenance plans tailored specifically for landlords and employers looking for effortless peace of mind when protecting their personnel against dangerous electrical equipment.

Why Choose Us?

  • At Haskell Fire, we put safety first when inspecting electrical systems on premises across the UK.
  • Our highly-trained technicians use quality testing methods – such as visual inspection and polarity tests – to detect small changes in current flow that could become more serious problems over time.
  • As one of Britain’s most trusted providers of EICRs, we have continually demonstrated our effectiveness with excellent results – leaving clients reassured knowing their property is electrically sound again.

Haskell Fire provides nationwide coverage across locations in Britain, so no matter where you may be in England, we can help you ensure your workplace or rental property meets all relevant regulations regarding PAT testing requirements – contact us today for more information!

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