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Fire Extinguisher Service & Maintenance

Businesses must adhere to strict fire safety systems and maintenance regulations but don’t always have the resources to do so. Many businesses are not maintaining their fire extinguishers, according to BS5306, putting their staff at risk of injury or death in a fire incident.

Haskell Fire is the leading provider of fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance for businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Our experienced technicians are trained to comply with all regulations in BS5306, meaning that your safety and compliance are guaranteed when using our services.

What is Fire Extinguisher Maintenance? And Why Is It Important?

Fire extinguishers need regular checks and maintenance to ensure they can work correctly when needed. This includes testing for pressure, providing no blockages or leaks in the hose and ensuring that all instructions are clear and up-to-date. Regular inspections can identify potential issues before they become problematic, allowing you to prevent a small problem from becoming big!

At Haskell Fire, we understand how important it is to ensure your workplace has the correct level of protection against fires. That’s why our team offers comprehensive fire extinguisher maintenance services that will help you stay safe while also staying compliant with the British Standards and regulations of BS5306.

Keep your workplace safe with Haskell Fire’s renowned fire extinguisher maintenance services!

Collaborate With Haskell Fire For The Assurance Of Meeting Industry Standards

We offer comprehensive servicing of all portable fire extinguishers, ranging from 1kg to 20kg. Our range includes CO2, Foam, Water (including Water Mist & Water Additive), Powder (Including ABC and Class D) & Wet Chemical extinguishers. In addition, we also service Fire Blankets for optimum results. All services are completed according to the industry standards and include a certificate of inspection so that you can rest assured knowing that everything has been checked thoroughly before being put back into use again.

Put Your Fire Safety First With Our Comprehensive Services

We understand the importance of well-maintained fire extinguishers for each premise, which is why our comprehensive services include the following: 

  • Checking the pressure of the extinguisher
  • Checking weight against manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Replacing small consumable parts such as “o” rings and tags
  • Inspecting hoses/horns for obstruction and damage
  • Inspecting the body of the extinguisher for rust/damage
  • Ensuring that the extinguisher is free from any obstructions
  • Confirming correct mounting & signage
  • Cleaning of the unit itself

Furthermore, all reports regarding any non-compliances or units due for discharge tests will be issued directly to you with remedial advice to fix these issues. We will also provide the required paperwork (such as Asset Register) with full location details, type and condition upon testing with relevant notes.

Experience Quality and Expert Support with Us!

Haskell Fire guarantees top-quality results and expert support for your project. With decades of experience in the field, you can trust us to deliver on time. We go above and beyond industry standards by always having high-quality fire safety systems, allowing us to maintain production schedules without compromising product excellence.

Trust Haskell Fire to surpass your expectations and guarantee top-quality fire safety! Serving Kent, London and beyond.

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