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Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR)

Do you own a property that needs an Electrical Installation Condition Report before your tenants move in? Not getting a valid EICR can put you and your tenants at risk. For all new tenancies since 1st July 2020, an EICR is a legal requirement and must be completed before any tenant moves in.

Haskell Fire is the UK’s leading expert in EICRs. Our comprehensive testing services guarantee that any electrical equipment installed on your property has been thoroughly checked for safety and compliance so that you can have peace of mind when welcoming new tenants.

Trust Haskell Fire to provide the trustworthy service that you need!

What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report?

An EICR is a full set of tests and safety checks carried out on electrical installations within domestic or commercial buildings. These tests look for potential risks, faults or damaged wiring that could cause harm or injury to occupants if left unchecked. It also ensures that all wiring meets current industry standards and regulations, so you can rest assured knowing your home or property is up to date with these requirements.

Why is It Important?

  • With advancing technology, a certified specialist must regularly test all electrical components and systems. 
  • Conducting an EICR every five years can help avert dangerous issues caused by long-term wear and tear likely to lead to harm or injury. 
  • Furthermore, having an EICR done can save money due to a more precise determination of energy consumption which yields lower bills from efficient appliances running at optimal capacity with less demand.

Why Choose Us? 

At Haskell Fire, safety is our top priority when inspecting electrical systems in buildings across the UK. We ensure our professional team members only use quality testing methods such as visual inspection & polarity tests on all circuits to detect even small variations in current flow, which will quickly be resolved before they become larger, more expensive problems down the line. As one of the most trusted providers of EICRs across Britain, we have proven ourselves time and time again with exceptional results – leaving clients feeling confident about their property’s electrics once more!

Our Services Include

  • We provide detailed reports on checks conducted on electrical installation at properties and point out any breakdowns or potential dangers caused due to wear and tear, incorrectly done DIY jobs etc. Our engineers flag these up and suggest appropriate remedies.
  • We check for overloaded circuits & apparatus and guide you in resolving the issue. 
  • To ensure a safe home, our engineers inspect for potential fire & shock risks that could put tenants in danger and identify faulty wiring or lack of earthing/bonding.

At Haskell Fire, we have years of experience serving customers throughout Britain with efficient and professional service. Our network covers every corner across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; no matter where you are located, our expert team are here to help keep your home safe.

With regular re-testing available, it makes sense when looking for quality assurance that you choose Haskell Fire – call us now!

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